Terms & Conditions

Dear Customer, Blue Pegasos Pty Ltd Australia (hereinafter referred to as Blue Pegasos) will do our best to help you to receive the right product(s). Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns about an order/purchase you recently have made and/or wanting to return it

Errors and Omissions
While we endeavour to ensure that the price and description of goods or services are accurate, if there is an error in the process of listing a product or service on our website or a technical error in the processing of your order we reserved the right to refuse or cancel the order.

Blue Pegasos reserves the right to cancel any that have been accepted.

Return and Exchange Policy

For any returns please comply with the conditions below for a satisfactory process outcome.

All returns are governed by a 21-day return policy starting from your original order/purchase date.

In order to process your queries and/or returns you MUST contact your Blue Pegasos support team via email info@bluepegasos.com first to receive your Return Claim Number (RCN).

Do NOT send any returns without first receiving a your Return Claim Number (RCN) as it may not be processed.

  1. Please state the reason (s) for the returns and your intention, attach the copy of your original order/purchase along with your contact (email/phone) details so we can get in touch with you soon your notification has been received.
  2. All returned goods must be in the original condition, have not been used, soiled or damaged in any way.
  3. You are responsible for all shipping cost to and from and may be liable for a 15% restocking fee, we refuse to accept any C.O.D. or similar shipping/posted method for returns unless we have stated so.
  4. We will exchange all items you’ve purchased if your notification of return was received within the 21 days time limit and complies with our return policies.
  5. If an item you’ve recently ordered/purchased proves to have a material and/or manufacturing fault and your notification is within the warranty guidelines we will refund your money in full including shipping cost or replace the goods your ordered at your discretion.
  6. If Blue Pegasos have sent you the wrong product or redirected it to the wrong delivery address, we will make sure at no cost to you that you receive your order as placed and at your stated delivery address.
  7. At our own discretion, Blue Pegasos may offer a credit for goods purchased, where you may have changed your mind, dislike, found a better product, cannot be used or don’t do not apply any longer. No cash refund will be provided.
  8. We are NOT responsible or liable for any third-party involvement like products (labelling, packages) and/or services (shipping couriers) Blue Pegasos will monitor all third-party involvements and act on our own account if an error occurs and notify you. This is to ensure our customer receive the service and quality we promise.
  9. Blue Pegasos reserve the rights to have final on the agreed exchange, replacement and/or refund.
  10. Blue Pegasos reserves our right to amend, change, delete any of the above statements without any further publication and/or notifications.

Blue Pegasos Pty Ltd Australia
467 O’Keefe Road
Ramsay QLD 4358
ACN/ABN 23 140 611 365

+61.400170166 (International)
0400 170 166  (Australia)

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