TERRAFLEX™ Horse Shoes are a universal shape and will fit a front and or hind hoof, the shoes are manufactured in two models, CCC has a toe and two side clips and RCC has a rolled toe and two side clips.

Both types of shoes come in three grades of densities or “hardness”. Hard (grey), Medium (orange) and Soft (blue)

After fitting a shoe you may find that you have to trim down excess shoe, if you do so, leave an approx. 3 mm of shoe past the outer edge of the hoof all the way around the hoof to cope with expansion and movement.

All trimming and fitting of the shoes can be done with conventional tools. There is no special tool kit needed to apply the shoes just a simple nail punch to countersink the nails.

The “Nail On” shoes and the “Glue On” shoes are the same shoes, the only difference is in the application.

A helpful accessory to have is a TERRASFLEX™ FIT KIT, it gives you four (4) different sizes of shoes to hold against the hoof for an accurate measure and correct order. The FIT KIT can be ordered to suit small, medium and large hooves.

It is recommended that you view our application videos to see how easy fitting a TERRAFLEX™ Horse Shoe can be.